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The hearing healthcare professionals at Desert Vista Hearing are dedicated to helping individuals and families who struggle with hearing loss and communication difficulties. With a strong background in hearing aid manufacturing, and a combined 12 years serving Tucson’s hearing impaired community, we understand the complex problems associated with hearing loss and amplification. Utilizing state of the art equipment for testing, fitting and demonstrating the effectiveness of hearing devices, Desert Vista Hearing is committed to providing high quality service with the personal attention that every individual needs to achieve the best possible result.


Kimberly Rowling, HIS

Kerry Hamm, HIS

Kimberly Rowling and Kerry Hamm have been serving in the Tucson hearing healthcare field for many years. Kim has been a licensed hearing instrument specialist for the past 8 years while Kerry has worked in the hearing industry for 17 years and spent most of his time working as a factory representative and trainer.

Both Kerry and Kim pride themselves in bringing their knowledge and expertise to the hearing impaired community of Tucson. Desert Vista Hearing strives to offer you the best hearing instruments available plus an exceptional patient experience.

Their state-of-the art testing and fitting equipment allows them to offer an unsurpassed level of hearing care. Call us today to begin your life of better hearing.

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